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Essentials Of Christianity

EOC 101 - The essentials of Christianity is a course designed to help you with the basic fundamentals of Christianity.



Two (2) books must be done in Interest Group format. Purple Book must be done first along with any other book of your choice. We encourage you to take all the books in Interest Group format, but understand that schedules may conflict. If you choose to go the Non-Interest Group route, you will have to answer 4 questions for each book as an additional part of your reading.

The Purple Book
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The Purple Book

It is our stance that every believer needs to build a solid foundation on Christ. The Purple Book, required reading before taking any other interest group, will help you do just that. It takes you through the basic essentials to help you understand what the Christian faith is about, and will be a great tool in building that foundation.


The Search For Significance
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The search for significance

This book will allow you to dig deeper and build a bridge between your emotions and your spirit, while helping you discover your identity in Christ, based on how he sees you.


Sexual integrity

This book will unlock God’s standard of sexual purity for men and empower you to walk it out through His strength and grace in a sexually driven world.


Pure Heart

Geared specifically for women, this book will help you understand certain biblical truths that will aid in establishing a pure heart in regards to your various relationships with men. Our hope is that it’ll help you heal from your past and prepare you for your future.


understanding how to fight the good fight of faith

This book is meant to teach us a clear and biblical viewpoint of your rights and privileges in Christ Jesus, and how you can receive the blessing that already belongs to you as a part of your inheritance in the family of God. It will help you gain a better understanding of your right standing, your "righteousness," in Christ.


The Man In the mirror

This powerful book invites men to take a probing look at their identities, relationships, finances, time, temperament, and most important, the means to bring about lasting change.The Man in the Mirror offers a penetrating, pragmatic, and life-changing look at how to trade the rat race for the rewards of godly manhood.


Love your way to victory

The title of this book is apt to what it aims to accomplish: showing you how most every spiritual victory is rooted in love. This book will teach you why God’s divine love is vital to the life and even the natural health of the believer. It will assist in your spiritual development by allowing the love of God inside you to dominate your carnal nature and unredeemed thinking.


The holy spirit and his gifts

These books will help introduce you to the Person, the Power, and the Purpose of the Holy Spirit.