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Ambassadors Training

Ambassadors Training

A Note From Pastor

Hey guys! First Timothy says to choose ministry is to choose an excellent thing. We’re excited about you recognizing at this stage in your life that your called to ministry. I know some of these books may seem elementary to you but we want you to now read through these things and taking into account that you are going to be teaching elementary things and its always good to get caught up on the basics. Your first step is to sign up and get with our Elder Carrie to set a meeting and to get further instructions on the requirements of the course.

Pastor Frank Reynoso


Essentials Of Christianity

The essentials of Christianity is your first step in the Ambassadors Training Course. This section is designed to help you with the basic fundamentals of Christianity.

Part 1

  1. The Purple Book (workbook)

  2. Understanding How To Fight The Good Fight Of Faith & Love Your Way To Victory *Read Together

  3. The Holy Spirit And His Gifts (workbook)

  4. Sexual Integrity & Sexual Integrity (workbook) & The Man In The Mirror *Men Only

    4. Pure Heart *Women Only

  5. The Search For Significance

Advocates For Christ

Advocates for Christ is the equipping necessary to become the leader that God is designing you to be.

Part 2

  1. The Miracle Of The Scarlet Thread

  2. Christ The Healer

  3. Training For Reigning

  4. Becoming A Contagious Christian

  5. He Gave Gifts Unto Men

  6. Complete Guid To Money

SnapShot Seminary

The third step of Ambassadors Training is designed to take you deep into the word and the study of scripture.

Part 3

  1. Pastor Assigned Bible In A Year Readings

  2. 12 Bible Study Methods

  3. The Portable Seminary

The Presbytery Stage

This is the fourth and final step of our Ambassadors Training. You will be receiving a personalized lesson plan and work assignment based on your growth and spiritual gifting.